How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect These 5 Astrological Signs


I gave you a heads up the other day that Mercury retrograde is returning March 22nd. I know, I know...I'm NOT excited about it either.

Thankfully we have my friend Miss Tati! As always she's looking to the stars for the info that could get us through this upcoming retrograde.


Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign! You'll have a lot going on make sure to use your words wisely. Be more thoughtful when communicating, this will help you avoid people misunderstanding you. 

Sophia Carson (April 10th) is an Aries!



You may need to review or return to some old projects! There are lessons to be learned when backtracking. Reflect and write down all the revelations you come to find, they will set you up for a stronger future!

Sabrina Carpenter (May 11th) is a Taurus!



If you're planning to launch something you may want to hold off, do some testing first! Then launch your creation towards the end of April. Make sure to pay attention to the fine details before putting your project in the spotlight!

Iggy Azalea (June 7th) is a Gemini!



It's time to rethink your goals! Backtrack and make sure all your works is complete. This will allow you to be better prepared for opportunities that could be coming your way. You'll have a clear vision of what you really want!

Selena Gomez (July 22nd) is a Cancer!



You usually speak your mind. But, be careful what you post and what you share on social media during the retrograde! When in doubt don't say it, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Demi Lovato (August 20th) is a Leo!


(Info: Bustle)

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