5 April & Jackson Moments To Remember From "Grey's Anatomy"


You guys long live Dr. Jackson and Dr. April aka #Japril. 😩😩😩

I'm seriously going to miss April on Grey's so I'm going to share 5 moments of these two, try to keep it together even though it's hard ughhh....

When They Got Married. (10x13)

Remember when Jackson interrupted April's wedding to Matthew and professed his love for her. April felt the same and they ran off together. That same day they went to Lake Tahoe to elope!


When Jackson defended April. (8x21)

April had too much to drink the night before the boards. She barely dodged a bar brawl. Thankfully she did thanks to Jackson! He came to rescue her and punched a man who offended April.


When Jackson supported April after Samuel's death. (11x12)

April and Jackson's baby Samuel was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfect before even being born. Jackson was really there for April during the pregnancy. Samuel sadly didn't live that long after being born, but April and Jackson held until he he passed.


When April fought for their marriage. (12x02)

After Samuel passed April went to the Middle East with Dr. Owen to serve in the army, even though Jackson didn't want her to. When she returned she was quarantined after unusual symptoms, but that didn't stop her from trying to reconcile with her husband.


When they reunited. (13x16)

April and Jackson took a trip to Montana to save a young girl's vocal chords. April supported Jackson when he confronted his estranged father while on the trip. The pair were really overcome with emotions when returning to the hotel. They briefly reignited their romance and spent the night together. 


(Info: Us Weekly)

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