Heads Up, Mercury Will Be In Retrograde Soon


I seriously can't stand when Mercury is in retrograde, I feel like my entire world is turned upside down. Who's with me? Well, I have some bad news to share with you. Mercury retrograde is returning, mark your calendar for March 22nd - because that's the dreaded day it begins. This retrograde will last until April 15th. 


If you're confused. Let me break this down for you. When Mercury goes into retrograde it means it's rotating faster than Earth, causing things to be off balance. Communication and technology usually get crazy. Don't be surprised if you easily offend someone or your iPhone keeps unexpectedly closing out of your Instagram app, blame it on retrograde. 

So, the thing about this particular retrograde is it's intertwined with the sign of Aries. I think I need to ask my friend Miss Tati for some insight on this. Basically this sign is BOLD with high energy often impulsive and impatient! While having Mercury in retrograde with this sign means things will be even more passionate. The energy may also result in an increase in fighting or debating. Make sure to think EVERYTHING through twice and to ultimately remain calm.


This retrograde also happens to start with the moon in Gemini - which is actually a sign that Mercury rules. This will also make this retrograde more intense, especially in the area of communication. Choose your words wisely my friends! Towards the end of retrograde the second full moon of the month will happen in Capricorn - another sign FULL of energy. Again, be careful. 

Last thing I must point out. This retrograde will begin two days after the first day of Spring. We all know "Spring cleaning" right?? Avoid it during the retrograde. Just enjoy the start of Spring and save your cleaning out until after April 15th, just trust me.

We've gotten through many retrogrades before and I have no doubt we will again! 🙌🏻

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