13 Marriage Tips From Married Couples For Singles

Where my fellow single people at?! 🙋🏼

I recently read this article where married couples provided 13 marriage tips to singles. Seems like that makes perfect sense, I'd take their advice. 

Here's what they had to say...

1. Only get married if you really want to because marriage isn't for everyone. Don't let your SO pressure you into a marriage, it could end poorly.

2. Talk about the future. If you do plan on marrying your SO make sure you talk about your future together! The basics like where you'll live, how many kids you want etc. If your goals don't align it's probably not going to workout so well.

3. Loving someone is a choice. Hey everyday of marriage won't be perfect, that's the truth. Remind yourself to love your spouse even on the worst of days.

4. Never ignore those red flags. Sometimes when you're so in love it can impair your judgement in a way. Keep your eyes open for red flags that could cause problems down the line.

5. Trust, trust and more trust. Without this your marriage won't last. Address any and all trust issues prior to the marriage.

6. See things from a different perspective, preferably your partner's perspective. Arguments will be inevitable, but step away and see things from their point of view instead of just your own. This will help resolve conflict in a marriage.

7. Communicate what you want. It's one thing if you know what you want, but make sure you communicate what's inside your head. Don't set unrealistic expectations or you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

8. Use your own strength to lift each other up. When things get tough support one another!

9. Mutual respect. It's simple respect the other. If not the marriage won't survive long term.

10. Discuss finances before marriage. Money isn't always an easy topic, but it's essential to be on the same page in regards to finances before you are married.

11. Don't rush it! Seriously don't rush into a marriage just to be married. Make sure you're finding the perfect person for you.

12. Don't let disagreements become major rifts. Arguments will happen, but make sure to find a solution to the problem. Otherwise small fights could blow up - causing rifts in the relationship down the line.

13. Sharing common interests sometimes isn't enough. Make sure there's that deep connection beyond hobbies. To make a marriage work this is essential.

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