The Three Shows I Started Watching That You Should Totally Check Out


I sadly spend the entire long weekend in my bed! I totally caught that cold/flu that's going around, ugh. Anyone else catch it?!

The upside to the whole situation was I got to check out some new shows! I wanted to share my thoughts with you, so maybe you can judge if you want to start them too!

Here we GO....


***** (5 Stars)

  • What a FANTASTIC show!!! This series follows a young autistic surgical resident through his daily life. What I find so interesting through this show we are able to see that people with autism can prove to have a very different outlook in situations and often times those can be life-saving. We fear what we don’t understand and I think there is a lot to be learned through this show. The actor (Freddie Highmore) does such an INCREDIBLE job on this show. I am just such a big fan and I applaud this show for opening up a greater conversation about people with developmental disabilities.  


**** (4 Stars)

  • Now this show is by no means close to Grey’s Anatomy… but it is still VERRY GOOOD!! This show shows a little of the darker / shadier side of the medical world. There’s a lot more plot/mystery in this series.. and they also discuss current issues in society. I think this show is going to be one to watch for sure as the season unfolds!  

3. 911 

** (2 stars) 

  • I know the ratings are high but for me … I couldn’t get into this show. 1 episode there was a baby (A NEWBORN BABY) stuck in a pipe in an apartment building and they kinda lost me after that. I was like, bye!

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