Alessia Cara Defends Her Best New Artist Grammy Win


If you haven’t seen this, this is an Instagram Alessia posted that literally broke my heart....


The fact that she even felt the need to post this to defend herself just broke me.

Alessia is not just one of the most incredible artists of this generation… she is a BEAUTIFUL, kind, wonderful human… and I just feel the need to come to her defense. 

I have watched this girl FROM DAY one work EXTREMELY hard to get where she is today.

She did things in an unconventional way… she marched to the beat of her own drum… she TRAVELED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.. and she stayed true to herself.

She is an artist with a vision… she’s an artist with a voice… and she’s an artist that has helped EMPOWER and enlighten the lives of so many.

Dear Alessia, 

I am SO proud and happy that you won the Best New Artist award at The Grammys! Do not let ANYONE dim your sparkle. This is ONLY just the beginning for you!

XO Tanya 💋

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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