5 Things To Know About Ed Sheeran's Fiancée


I'm sure you were wondering a thing or a two about Ed's finacée Cheery Seaborn. Don't worry because I got you! Here are FIVE things you need to know about his love....


1. Cherry and Ed met in high school. They both attended Thomas Mills High School in Suffolk, England. Awwww!

2. They have been dating since 2015! They were spotted together at a Mets game back in September 2015 when people assumed they were together. Cuties!


3. Cherry is a HOCKEY player and she's pretty good! She was selected to play for England's Under 18 national team and earned both Bronze and Silver medals! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

4. She was the reason why Ed took that hiatus from music! He literally took 2016 to focus on his relationship. Cherry even quit her job! They book spent that year traveling and formed a tight bond. OMG GOALS.

5. Ed's song "Perfect" is about CHERRY. Duhhhh! Apparently he emailed her the song and she really liked it. I mean how could she not???


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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