3 'Riverdale' Milkshake Recipes You Need To Try


Does anyone else seriously start craving a milkshake after watching Riverdale?! I need Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in my life. Since it's just fictional (though I wish it was real) we need to bring the Chock'lit Shoppe to your own home. I'm talkin' about homemade milkshakes inspired by Riverdale's finest ladies...Betty, Veronica and Cheryl!

Courtney Wright is the creative director of Black Tap, you know those CRAZYYYY milkshakes you've probably seen go viral, she has come up with these recipes. Check them out, she really nailed it...

  • The Betty: Frost the outside of the top of the glass with vanilla icing and then roll in sprinkles. Blend 9 oz vanilla ice cream and 3 oz whole milk, pour in glass. Top with whipped cream, more sprinkles and a cherry!
  • The Cheryl: Line bottom of glass with cherries in kirsch. Blend 4 oz whole milk, 10 1/2 vanilla ice cream and 2 tablespoons wild cherries in kirsch, pour into glass. Top with Griotte cherry!
  • The Veronica: Frost the outside of the top of the glass with chocolate icing then place Hershey's kisses and red M&M's in the frosting. Drizzle chocolate syrup inside glass. Blend 9 oz vanilla ice cream, 3 oz whole milk and 1 1/2 oz chocolate syrup, pour into glass. Top with whipped cream and black and white sprinkles!

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