Miss Tati's Horoscopes: Tuesday, November 28th

TAURUS - your mom (or motherly figure in your life) has been kinda nagging you to get something done in your life. Take this seriously and do it, she has your best interest at heart!

SCORPIO - there’s something you’ve done recently that you really regret.. today you’re going to get the chance to fix it. Don’t shy away from this chance, it’s not going to be easy but worth it!

SAGITTARIUS - you’ve been planning that holiday party, doing your holiday shopping, going for that promotion at work, AND getting ready for that family vacation. You can handle it all Sagittarius but today I want you to buy that ONE thing you’ve been debating for the last week. Go on, go online and just purchase it NOW! 

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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