5 Tear Jerking Moments From 'Grey's Anatomy'


You probably know by now that I'm sorta obsessed with Grey's Anatomy! I can't even believe the show recently celebrated its 300th episode, so insane! That many episodes and so many people, including myself are still loyal fans.

In honor of my love and your love for Grey's, I'd like to highlight 5 moments from the show that probably brought you to tears because we can't have the highs without he lows.

Grab the tissues, here we go...

1. When Derek has to choose between his marriage or his new flame with Meredith. Then Meredith pleads Derek "Pick me. Choose me. Love me."


2. Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD wire in attempt to move him up the transplant list. But, his condition worsened and eventually passed away.


3. Cristina had painful weeks of wedding prep. Burke released he forced her to be someone she really wasn't and let her go at the altar. Cristina gets Meredith to rip her dress off as she cried, "He's gone. I'm free."


4. Callie's father brought a pastor to try to talk her out of being in a relationship with Arizona, but she yelled "You can't pray away the gay."


5. Derek got shot by a relative of a patient he was unable to save. He was shot on the iconic walkway while Meredith watches.


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