The BEST Houseplant For Your Zodiac Sign According To Miss Tati


SO Miss Tati usually gives a few signs their daily horoscope, but this time she is telling you what plant to get?! Yup. Miss Tati has a household plant recommendation according to your zodiac sign.

Check out the list below...

Aquarius: Mexican Breadfruit. This plant like Aquarius are total standouts!

Pisces: Peace Lily. If this plant doesn't receive water it will let you know by drooping its leaves. But, give it some water and it will perk right up. Just like a Pisces.

Aries: Lady Slipper Orchids. Though this orchid is a bit easier to grow indoors it still requires lots of attention. They really steal the show from other nearby plants. Attention is always on an Aries.

Taurus: Cacti: Like a Taurus a Cacti is reliable and persistent. But, don't get too close when watering!

Gemini: Philodendron: A Gemini THRIVES on change and this plant is super resilient. It adapts to a wide range of lighting conditions.

Cancer: Sensitive Plants: It's an uncommon houseplant, but rather fun. If you touch the leaves they fold up...perhaps because they are shy like a Cancer.

Leo: Fiddle Leaf Fig: Just like a Leo this plant is independent, it would rather stand out than be part of the crowd.

Virgo: Living Stones: When you look at this plant is may seem like not too much is happening, but a lot of the leaves are actually underground where the photosynthesis is happening.Virgos appear calm, but there's tons of energy on the inside.

Libra: Air Plant: This plant was made for a Libra. It appears to be a relaxed plant or even lazy, just like a Libra. But, it's super important for the ecosystem as it brings humidity into tree canopies. 

Scorpio: Snake Plant: Strong and resilient, it can grow across a range of various conditions. The plant adapts and is independent, just like a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Pothos: They grow quickly and persistently. Like a Sagittarius this plan is hard to hold back and are happy growing anywhere.

Capricorn: Mother Of ThousandsIt really does it all...sounds like a Capricorn right?! The plant doesn't wait for help from anyone and it will just do what it wants. 


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