Where Season 1 Of 'Stranger Things' Left Off Before You Binge Season 2


Over the weekend I started Season 2 of Stranger Things, but I totally realized I needed a "previously on."

I kinda forgot where Season 1 left off! Anyone else have that problem?! I mean it has been 15 months since Season 1, so it's been a minute.

Here's a good refresher for you from Season 1 before you binge Season 2...

  • Hopper & Joyce go into the Upside Down via the portal in the lab, where they found Will alive.
  • No one knows what happens to Eleven, BUT Hopper is leaving her food in a box by the woods.
  • Will coughs up a slug and has a PTSD flashback to the upside down.
  • Don’t forget about the kiss between Mike & Eleven before she battled the Demogrogon.
  • Also Steve, Jonathan, Nancy’s love triangle – It ends with Nancy & Steve holding strong.
  • BARB – we last saw her in the Upside Down, white & lifeless with a slug crawling out of her mouth. The show creators did confirm she’s DEAD however they did say “we’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb.”

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