My 3 Fave Songs Off Niall Horan's Debut Album "Flicker"

First I wanted to send a GIANT congratulations to Niall Horan on the release of his DEBUT SOLO ALBUM Flicker!

This is SO huge for him! And it’s seriously a beautiful body of work, Niall you should feel really proud of yourself.

Here are my personal faves off the album, give them a listen...


To me this song has a very fun James Bay type feel to it and I’m WAY INTO IT! It's fun & I can’t wait to  listen to it driving in my car with the windows down!



What a BEAUTIFUL SONG! Ugh Niall and these lyrics....“Then I look in my heart. There’s a light in the dark. Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me, that I wanna keep.”


“On The Loose”

I am OBSESSED with this song! PS I kinda low-key love the girl in this song...I need to be more like her, Hahaha!


The whole album is really worth checking out. These are just my three personal faves and I'm sure more to come after I spend this weekend listening.

Let me know on social media what your favorites are! And to Niall CONGRATS again!

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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