10 Fun Facts About Molly Bernard From 'Younger'


Guys I recently got HOOKED on the TVLand series Younger. Like someone tell me why I haven't watched this show until now. 

Anyways I LOVE Molly Bernard, who plays Lauren on the show. Her character is so great, really funny!


She recently sat down with Just Jared and gave 10 fun facts about herself that I HAD to share with you guys. Check 'em out...

  • 1. I wear a night guard at night and I don’t sleep without it. It keeps me from grinding my teeth and the case says in large, very aggressive letters “NIGHT GUARD”. I like to think he’s a guard who protects me as I sleep.
  • 2. Speaking of sleep. My dog/life partner/husband/son/best friend, Henry, sleeps in my womb at night. Literally curled into my belly from dusk til dawn. I LOVE IT. (See a photo in the gallery!)
  • 3. When I was really young, like 7-10 young, I was OBSESSED with Boy George and Culture Club. At the height of my love for him, one summer I asked to go by “Boy George” at day camp. This was also the summer I was the UNO and poker queen. Watch out!
  • 4. BEACH! I love sand. I will actually stop listening to even my nearest and dearest on the beach and begin to rub and cover my entire body with sand and roll in it and act like nothing weird is happening. Then I’ll say at odd intervals, “I love sand.” “I just love it”.
  • 5. I lived in Russia. I studied at the Moscow Art Theater my junior year of college and I loved it. I was in college and nuts, so I love-hated it, but I really had an incredible time. I voted for, and watched Obama win, saw three dead people, was attacked by a band of gypsies and saw theater every night I was there. I can’t wait to go back. And I am not being sarcastic.
  • 6. When I’m texting with pals and my phone auto-corrects I like to send the word my phone corrected it to in all-caps and quotes. Like this:

    …And then I was like, now way…”NOW”…”NOW WAY”…”I WAS LIKE NOW WAY”

    Here’s another example:

    …shot…I mean shit…”SHOT”…”I HAD A SHOTTY DAY”

    Sometimes this makes me laugh.

  • 7. Chocolate is the great love of my life.
  • 8. I am in a constant state of bang crisis. To grow out? To cut? I always say I’ll grow them out but then I turn to my trusty bathroom hair shears and five minutes later they’re crookedly back.
  • 9. I cut most of my friends’ hair! I’m secretly very good at it. Except one time I cut my friend Whitney’s bob waaay to short and she looked like an actual page boy.
  • 10. I love the New Yorker. I read it as often as I can and I love getting it in the mail. It’s my weekly treat.

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