25 Reasons Why I LOVE Demi Lovato


In honor of my queen's birthday .. I thought since she's turning 25 today ... I share the 25 reasons why I LOVE DEMI!?!

Oh and if I happened to miss anything please feel free to send them my way - @Tanya Rad


25) She brought the amazingness that is "Skyscraper" into this world


24) She's gone through adversity & come out on top

23) She is the epitome of the word strength

22) She doesn't let anything define her


21) She doesn't listen to the haters **haters gonna hate

20) Because she blesses us with pics like this on her insta


19) Cuz I'm pretty sure she wrote "Sorry Not Sorry" to be the theme song for my life

18) Her friendship with Nick Jonas could quite possibly be the cutest thing EVERRRR


17) Because my legs look like this too and HELL YEAH I love that she represents


16) She lets us into her struggles & accomplishments in life.. on a very personal level


15) She uses her voice to speak about important issues (which I love SO much about her)


14) She gives back...in a big way


13) She motivates me to get my booty into the gym


12) She appreciates when I make cardboard cut outs of her face to bring to tour


11) She's fully aware of my obsession with her & she's cool with it


10) Because this is a totally normal outfit for a lovatic, right?


9) She brought LIFE to the word "confident" and I couldn't love a song possibly any more


8) Because this Demi cover of Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" might be one of my FAVORITE covers of all time... truly, it's incredible


7) Because she recently said her album is "almost officially ready" and I can't wait


6) Cuz she's such a good mommy (awwwww)


5) Did I mention that she slays at LIFE


4) Because i'm just gonna leave this here for you.. "cool for the summer" seacrest edition


3) Did I mention her voice, cuz WTF how does she hit those notes?!

2) I truly feel like she changed the path of my career this one day On Air With Ryan Seacrest


1) Her laugh.. it's just EVERYTHING 



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