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This New Dating Trend In LA Allows Your Friends To Pitch You To Strangers!

Rear view female sitting at speed dating with smiling man

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I actually saw this all over my socials this weekend so needed to bring it up!

If you’re single…and struggling…this new dating trend might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

How about your BFF speaking to potential partners on your behalf? After all, they know you best!

A group in L.A. called The Next Fun Thing throws regular dating events where your friends can get up on stage and PITCH you to a crowd full of singles.

They do a fun PowerPoint on why it’s insane you’re still single. Then there’s a party where everyone gets to mingle. They just held their most recent event on Saturday and I’m sure another one will happen soon.

I actually know the founder of The Next Fun Thing and they do single events all the time like speed dating and stuff…but this power point presentation is next level good!!!!

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