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We've Gone From Paying With Cash, To Cards, To Now Paying With Our Faces

Asian man is using facial recognition for payment

Photo: Weiquan Lin / Moment / Getty Images

Biometric payment options are becoming more common in the U.S.

You know how Face ID let’s you unlock your iPhone? Same idea.

Thus, PAY-BY-FACE will soon be the new normal at most places.

Remember that robot burger place I told you about in Pasadena? Apparently, you pay-by-face there and they’re not the only ones…more and more restaurants across the US are using this technology!

But are we concerned about security? I don’t know if I want my face scanned over and over again…everywhere I go.

It’s one thing when it’s your phone or the random times you go through customs at the airport but to buy a burger??? Is it necessary?

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