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Have You Heard Of Dry Dating?

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Would your relationship with your partner be different if it didn't begin with booze?

There is definitely a trend right now with sober life…sober bars have popped up and lifestyles are just changing…

So the term ‘dry dating’ has officially entered our vocab and it’s doing a world of good for sober singles.

Dry Dating helps people craft more meaningful relationships from the very first face-to-face interaction.

You can strike up meaningful conversations, you can assess the potential connection and chemistry, all without ‘liquid courage’ so you know the feelings are genuine before you go to make a real move.

It also allows you to get inventive with your dates – opting for activities outside the loud, dark and crowded local bar. Hiking, art galleries, cooking classes!

Is this for you or do you need a glass of something to break the ice?

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