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Are You Superstitious?

betting strong and winning

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Taylor Swift was back in South America this weekend with her Eras Tour so she was NOT at the Chiefs game! But it’s actually another Chief that’s making headlines this week!

Are you superstitious?

Because Patrick Mahomes is! The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback says he has worn the same pair of red underwear on game days for his entire professional football career!!!

I guess his wife Brittany got them for him and he does wash them…but only when they lose. They won 6 in a row earlier this season…so I’ll just let you ponder that one…

Ryan had a lucky pair of underwear too!

Ed Sheeran on the other hand auctioned off his USED underwear and yes, they have been worn and were auctioned off unwashed!

It was all for charity! But only the truest of Ed Sheeran fans would want something like that!

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