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Barbiecore Christmas Trees Are Taking Over This Year!

Pink christmas tree

Photo: ayagiz / iStock / Getty Images

We can all agree that Bariecore has taken over and continuing to this holiday season!

Are you into a pink tree??

Shades of pale and neon pink have been taking over everything from fashion to home decor and pink Christmas trees are the “it girl” trend this holiday season.

Celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and content creators rocked the pink Christmas tree for years but this trend is extra fitting this year with the success of the Barbie Movie!

Here are some ideas if you want a Barbie themed Christmas tree this year!

If you don't want a pink tree you can add a bunch of pink decor to it!

  • Pink bows
  • Pink Tulle Ribbon
  • Pink Christmas Tree Lights
  • Pink bulbs
  • Pink tinsel
  • Pink themed ornaments

& so much more!


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