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Have You Heard About ‘Perfect Moment Syndrome'?

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Are you someone who can't relax and enjoy the moment? Apparently you're not alone!

If it’s your party and you’re crying because you want to, experts say you may be suffering from ‘Perfect Moment Syndrome’ — or the inability to relax and enjoy.

This is totally a thing! Sometimes birthday parties or vacations actually stress you out!

Setting strict expectations of happiness or fulfillment for certain events can actually lead to greater sadness. But whyyyyy????

It’s something about setting the bar so high of exactly how something should go so it leaves so much room for disappointment and it leaves so much space for you to feel like the experience that you just had was not what it ‘should have been.

So, what is one to do????

Practice mindfulness and live in the moment, which should help to avoid spiraling about “what could have been.”

What’s a “perfect moment syndrome” situations that you’ve been guilty of? I’ll go first!

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