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Have You Heard Of The Food App "Too Good To Go"??

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I recently just downloaded Too Good To Go which is an app that is tailored to help end food waste!

It’s no surprise the restaurant industry wastes lots of food at the end of the day…well, hopefully now it doesn’t have to.

With this app you browse your nearby restaurants and even supermarkets and score great deals on food that would otherwise have been thrown out at the end of the day. The catch…you don’t know what you’re going to get in the mystery bag!

But the prices are incredible!

You could go to Alfred’s Coffee in Burbank and score a surprise bag that has different pastries, breakfast burritos or sandwiches and snacks for $4.99

Or a surprise bag from a pizza joint containing a selection of good food that the store has left at the end of the day for 6 bucks!

Mrs. Fields Cookies at the Glendale Galleria for example… you can get a surprise bag for $5.99 filled with cookies and brownies!

If you’re a college student… IS THIS NOT A TOTAL GAME CHANGER OR WHAT?

Will you try it?

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