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California Can Now Get Their Driver's License On Their Phone!

We can do a lot with our phones these days… we can have our credit cards on there so why not our Driver’s License? Well, it’s finally happening!

If you're a California resident, you can download California's new DMV wallet application on your phone to scan your physical driver's license or ID card and turn it into a mobile driver's license, or "mDL."

The DMV recently expanded its mobile driver's license program, which was restricted to a few thousand participants in August. For now, signups are limited to 1.5 million state residents during the pilot phase. So, jump on it!

You can use the mDL at participating airports across the country and select retail locations.

You can also use your mDL to confirm your age when you buy alcohol, tobacco and other age-restricted products.

After you download the app and go through all the steps… the review process can take anywhere from 24 to 72 business hours.

What else can we get digitally? Some car keys are now digital! Soon we will only need our phone!

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