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Are Smash & Grab Robberies To Blame For LA Businesses Shutting Down?

A glass door with "closed" store sign

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Beverly Hills is becoming a ghost town…

More than a dozen high-end Beverly Hills retailers and restaurants are now completely shut down and not replaced by new businesses.

Barney’s New York, Chanel, Rite Aid, Barnes and Noble, Niketown, and restaurants like Chipotle and Starbucks…all gone.

And stores that remain open are now dealing with a surge in crime that has forced law enforcement to create a task force solely focused on retail crime because of all the smash and grab robberies.

Flash-mob burglaries are a large, coordinated group of people rushing into a store, overwhelming the staff and taking as much merchandise as possible before fleeing in multiple cars.

And it’s not just Beverly Hills… Westfield Century City, The Americana in Glendale, and Topanga Mall all have been hit by smash and grabs in recent weeks!

But there is hope…remember those “follow home” burglaries a few years ago? LAPD created a task force and those dropped dramatically. Hopefully, this task force can have a similar result.

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