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Have You Heard Of Boat Cinema?

Movie night at back yard

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If you love drive-in's, you'll probably love this.

Instead of watching a movie from your car, you can watch it from a boat!

But, if you get sea sick easily, you can choose beach seating for the movie! Bring a beach chair and blanket and relax!

This is LA's first and only beach party and on-the-water film experience!

There will also be food, drinks, music, and pre-show fun on the Boat Cinema beach before the movie.

There’s also an option to buy a Beach Club Season Pass that gives you and up to 3 guests Beach seating access all summer long.

If you choose a boat to watch the movie it can fit up to 5 people!

Boat Cinema started on May 6th and ends September 9th.

You can catch movies like Jaws, Clueless, Top Gun, The Notebook, and more!

How fun does this sound?

It's located 30 minutes outside of LA in Castaic.

You can get tickets on

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