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Primal Movement Is The Hottest New Fitness Trend This Year!

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· The hottest fitness trend this year is Primal Movement…which means getting down on all fours and acting like an animal. This is a real thing…and major gym chains are adding these classes!

· Treadmills and ellipticals target your cardio health… and lifting weights target muscle groups…but none of these things develop “functional fitness.”

· Getting on the ground and crawling, rolling, squatting and kneeling promote flexibility and balance…which we start to lose as adults. Plus, the workouts require minimal or no equipment, and can be done anywhere.

· Some swear by it…and say it’s really quite fun.

· Some exercises include Hopping like a Bunny, Walking like a Crab, Crawling like a Bear, Crouching like a Tiger, Kicking like a Donkey and people are seeing real results!

What do you think? Will you try a class??

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