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Could We See A Trend Of Chickens In Our Neighborhoods?

Mother's Day - Chickens Outdoors Late Evening In Western Colorado

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So, this egg shortage is a real issue!

The other day my friend drove to 3 different stores to find eggs. Some grocery stores are putting a max on how many eggs you can buy. And if you do buy them, they are so overpriced! I paid $24 for an 18 count case the other day!

And nowwwww…a local veterinary hospital is making a case for LA residents to raise backyard chickens!

Apparently, they are permitted in most neighborhoods in Los Angeles under local laws… as long as chicken coops are at least 35 feet from neighboring structures, and 100 feet for those who have a rooster.

WHO KNEWWW????? With inflated prices at the grocery store, many residents in LA are now opting to grow their own food in their yards and raise a variety of livestock. Chickens can provide free-range eggs and also make great pets that can help with composting.

So, if this is something you want to do… you are only allowed to have one rooster but the number of chickens allowed depends on neighborhood regulations so make sure you check that!

Let just say, if my neighbor gets a rooster that is waking us all up at 3am…we’re gonna have some problems!

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