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The Hollywood Sign Is Celebrating It's 100th Anniversary With A Change!

The Hollywood Sign

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We all love the Hollywood sign! It’s a staple for Los Angeles and people from all over the world come to LA just to take a picture in front of it. People try to get as close as possible but could all that go away?

Right now, those who want to get up close to the iconic sign can hike six miles round trip from Griffith Observatory, or take a shorter path from a public road but that’s super annoying for residents who live there!

So, there’s a new push to open a visitor center in the coming years in hopes of giving visitors a place to go for their pics.

The idea behind it is just to manage the traffic… The center doesn’t have to be in the neighborhood… it just has to have a great view!

Apparently, there’s a few high rises going up in Hollywood so maybe some of those would have a rooftop restaurant and maybe off of that…they could build the visitor center.

Either way… we are a few years away! But nearby residents are not feeling optimistic that this will solve the traffic issue. They will still drive and hike up to the sign! Some say that before the pandemic, people would knock on their doors asking to use their bathroom!

I mean, could you imagine? I would never! But also, I look at it as you chose to buy your house near the Hollywood sign so what did you expect? Nobody would ever visit your neighborhood?

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