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Have You Ever Had A Dream Where Your Partner Cheated On You? Here's Why!

Still stuck in dream land

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Kind of sticking with a sleep theme this week…I read this article that reminded me about how I used to dream so vividly when I was pregnant. I think because I had so much on my mind at all times!

But I think we’ve all been there… you wake up and you look at your partner and just can’t believe they cheated on you! Luckily it was just a dream but dang, it felt so real!

So why?

If you’re in a relationship, you dream about being cheated on because of your own insecurities… sometimes they don’t have anything to do with your relationship at all and everything to do with just you. But it could have to do with your relationship so it’s worth asking yourself whether there’s something you want more of that your partner isn’t providing you with.

If you’re single it’s slightly less upsetting. But it represents dishonestly. Have you recently lied to a friend? Or felt yourself being lied to? And of course the most common reason for this dream is…

If you’ve been cheated on before... That just sucks! It’s time to ask yourself whether or not you’ve rebuilt the trust that was lost in the past.

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