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Bad Bunny Is Making Headlines & It's Not Just Because Of His Shows At Sofi!

2022 Made In America - Day 2

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I’m starting to see a theme here with some of the most popular global superstars… 

A few months ago we talked about a Harry Styles course at Texas University, now there’s a Bad Bunny course at my alma mater San Diego State University! 

It will offer a graduate class in 2023 that focuses on his impact on Latino culture and media. 

The professor teaching the course says… Bad Bunny is important at San Diego State because he is a global icon. He is a pop culture figure that has transcended music, movies and is a point of reference for tons of people to talk about culture and politics. 

Students will analyze his music videos, and lyrics, in class. Seems pretty cool to me!!! Registration for the class will open sometime in November. 

About 140,000 people are expected to fill SoFi Stadium tonight and tomorrow night for 2 back-to-back shows!!! 

Don’t forget about the clear bag policy if you’re heading out there! 

I wanted to go, but…

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