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There's A List Of Fashion No No's That Are Actually Yes Yes'!

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Fashion is about creative self-expression, but it also used to have a lot of rules—most of which no longer apply.

For example…

Denim on Denim - Go ahead and pair a mid-tone jean jacket over dark denim. Once considered a no-no… this is very much a yes-yes!

Your shoes should match your belt - You can play around with your belt and socks like any other accessory now. If you like the classic matched-up look, great, go for it! But, if you want a pop of color instead, you are still good.

Don’t wear white after Labor Day - literally no one cares about this!

No socks with sandals - apparently this is very IN these days and you can get away with it! Who knew?!!

Sweats are sloppy – ummm do you even live in LA if you don’t go out to dinner or board an airplane in sweats? Sweats are like the new suits these days!

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