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Is It Possible That Fewer People Want To Get Married?

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Could it be that we have reached a point that marriage is becoming a thing of the past? I read this article last night about how only half of the total population wants to actually get married.

Honestly, this makes me a little sad. I value my marriage and work hard at it. But I get that marriage isn’t for everyone.

The Census Bureau reported that a record number of adults in the U.S. are single right now. Living alone is becoming more and more popular. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed or lonely either!

Getting married no longer means adulthood. Half a century ago, if you were not married, then you weren't yet mature. Obviously, that is not the case anymore!

But one of the reasons may be that single people are having more sex than ever before!

Researchers found that a person currently has sex about nine times more than the average person in the 90s.

I can see how one wouldn’t want to leave that lifestyle…if it’s all they’ve known!

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