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This TikTok Trend Has People Acting Chaotic In Public...


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What would you do if while shopping at Target or the mall or Trader Joe’s…someone came up to you and said, “Can you hold my phone for a quick TikTok video?”

It’s a trend… and it’s called #RecordMe

For the past few months, TikTokers have gone up to random people while out in public and asked them if they could record whatever chaotic behavior they do.

Whether they start doing cringey dances at maximum energy, or they scream “stop filming me” at the person they literally just handed their phone to, or they start galloping around like a horse, TikTokers are taking this opportunity to channel their most chaotic selves and bring some quirky energy to the lives of complete strangers.

The other day, we talked to DearStranger143 who was bring love and kindness to complete strangers but this is the total opposite.

Some people think it’s the most hilarious thing. Others are terrified and run away screaming.

People aren’t quite sure where the trend came from.. I mean, do we ever?

But since April, the hashtag #RecordMe has over 60 million views.

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