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This Social Media App Is No. 1 In The App Store!

Back in April, I told you about this social media app called BeReal. It kinda offers a break from Instagram’s curated perfection!

It sends you a push notification saying “Time to BeReal” at a different time each day.

Then the countdown timer begins! You have two minutes to take a photo and upload it for your friends to see- no filters, no editing, no time to create the perfect shot.

The idea? To show a glimpse into your actual everyday life rather than your highlight reel.

Well, everyone is starting to like this new approach to sharing our lives… Every week it’s getting hundreds of thousand downloads… millions at times.

Now it’s the #1 app beating out TikTok and Instagram. So, I tell you yet again… get your username NOW before it’s too late.

And if you’re on BeReal…check out On Air with Ryan Seacrest! We’re still figuring it out…but we’re on there!

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