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What Is Monkeypox And Should We Be Concerned?

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An extremely rare disease called monkeypox has again made its way to the United States and other parts of the world like the UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia and Canada. Basically over the weekend more and more cases have been reported worldwide! 2 cases so far here in the U.S. The CDC is currently investigating and calling this an outbreak!

Initial symptoms are typically flu-like, fever, swollen lymph nodes…

But next comes a widespread rash on the face and body.

The painful, raised poxes are pearly and fluid-filled and are often surrounded by red circles.

The CDC says prolonged face to face contact, direct or indirect contact with bodily fluids or the skin lesions is how it spreads!

Back in 2003 there were 47 cases in the U.S. and it was stopped there.

The virus originates in wild animals but occasionally is transferred to humans, and most cases have been confined to central and west Africa until now…

So should we be concerned???? Experts say it’s not as contagious as COVID but President Biden says, “We should be concerned!”

The fact the CDC says “PROLONGED face-to-face contact” makes me feel a little better but it’s still kinda scary!

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