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This App Is Perfect If You Have A Food Allergy! Scans 2500+ Ingredients!

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I think we’re all looking for easy ways to stick to our diets whether it’s gluten free or dairy free etc…and sometimes it’s not just a preference (like Tanya with sugar) it’s a real allergy or intolerance situation.

Well, a new app scans the barcodes on food items to let you know if there are ingredients inside you can’t have or are trying to avoid. It’s called Fig and it can be useful for allergies, or specific diets.

So, if you’re egg free, lactose free, vegan, paleo or something else, you make your settings unique to you.

Then, browse the app to find foods you can safely eat at over 100 grocery stores.

But the coolest feature is the scanner. Just hover the app over a barcode and Fig will instantly analyze the ingredients and compare them against your personal list. It will tell you if the ingredients inside are a complete match, a partial match or not a match at all.

And this app was basically created because of IBS. The founder got the idea for it after he was diagnosed with IBS in 2014 and wanted to come up with an easier way to avoid ingredients he shouldn’t have.

Tanya has IBS…AND is trying to avoid sugar. This is perfect!

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