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What Is The "Hot Girl Walk" On TikTok? Let's Talk About it!

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The latest trend taking over TikTok is an exerciseregimen dubbed the “hot girl walk.”

A 22-year-old TikToker – Mia, username @exactlyliketheothergirls says there are three rules to the hot girl walk:

· You should think about what you are grateful for

· You should think through your goals and the steps needed to achieve them

· You should continuously remind yourself of your personal beauty

The idea is to incorporate exercise and movement into your daily routine while staying positive and uplifting yourself.

It can be taken outside or inside or on a treadmill.

Although a walk may not seem like exercise, fitness experts have weighed in on the many health benefits it provides.

A hot girl walk should take about an hour, with a pace of three to four miles per hour.

Ideally, the walk should be around four miles long, with about 10,000 steps taken.

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