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Parents Are Stressing Out About This Formula Shortage!

Sunday morning Michael and I spent over 4 hours driving around LA and Ventura county!

A few weeks ago, I was able to buy a few containers of formula for Siveya so when we got down to our last one, I didn’t realize just how bad this formula shortage had gotten.

I was in tears after the 3rd target we walked out of was completely out of stock.

Of course, my first thought is why can’t our country make more but it’s not that simple…

Formula is held to higher/stricter safety standards than other food products. There are only five approve infant formula manufacturers in the U.S. and one of the biggest is shut down.

I ended up finding some at an Amazon Fresh in Moorpark! My brother found some for me in Long Beah… As of right now, we have enough to get by for the next 2 weeks maybe. I honestly started contemplating if it was possible to start pumping again??? How would that even work when I stopped about 3 months ago…

Many moms especially the ones who need rare formulas have turned to TikTok and Instagram for help and it’s incredible how quickly groups formed on Facebook where moms are helping out other moms with left over formula they have and some even donating breast milk.

I also read that if you can’t find your brand, it is safe for most healthy babies to switch to any F.D.A.-approved baby formula but obviously call your pediatrician.

I’m still in shock that this is happening.

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