Find Out If You Or Someone You Know Is A Difficult Person By Taking A Test!

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I stumbled upon this test the other day and I thought hmmm…why not bring it in and share with you guys.

It’s the Difficult Person Test!

Students at the University of Georgia now believe they can scientifically figure out if you’re a difficult person based on this quiz…

Are you difficult to get along with? Here are a few examples from the quiz. Do these apply to you?

- I feel that I am more special than others.

- People sometimes bother me just by being around me.

- I often find myself saying and doing things without stopping to think.

- I hold grudges.

- I often feel suspicious of people, even after they’ve acted loyally toward me.

You either agree or disagree to some of these and at the end of the quiz it tells you if you’re a difficult person to get along with or not.

My results were 42% meaning I am somewhat difficult to get along with! I was shocked! I actually took the test twice because I didn’t like my “somewhat difficult” results! But I still got the same results! Pfft!

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