This 3-3-3 Dating Strategy Is Proven To Work!

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I don’t envy you if you’re dating! I get it, it’s hard out there!

Maybe you need the "3-3-3 dating strategy" to help navigate your dating world.

This woman has gone viral for creating this strategy and she claims her dating game completely changed, and she started to see results almost immediately.

Here’s the strategy…you date three people at a time; anything more than that becomes hard to manage.

You date them for at least three months before making any commitment, because by that stage you would have likely seen their best side and their imperfections, and be able to make a decision about whether you could develop a healthy relationship together.

Lastly, you give each person that you’re dating three chances when something comes up that bothers you about them and each time using healthy communication to try to resolve the issue.

By following this…. After 3 months she had her first long-term boyfriend!

Do you think you'll try it?

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