There Are Some Bizzare Trends Happening In LA Right Now!

The Hollywood Sign

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Don’t get me wrong, LA peeps are known for being trendsetters! Let’s face it, everyone else just ends up copying us! But, as we head into Spring, there’s been a few trends that have me scratching my head in disbelief!

Trend 1 – The chunky flip flop look is totally in!

Remember Rocket-Dogs from the early 2000s… like that but now even the strap is chunky. Basically the more oversized, the better!

Trend 2 – Furry sunglasses and furry purses.

Kim Kardashian rocked both going out to lunch the other day with Khloe…and now you can buy them everywhere. I’m unsure about this look especially because of the fur around your eyes. It’s just asking for these little hairs to get inside your eye! How annoying.

Trend 3 – Juggling at intersections

This man has been spotted multiple times at intersections in Los Feliz. He waits for it to turn red then goes out onto the crosswalk and starts juggling! While most cars find it entertaining, some locals are complaining because when he hits the crosswalk button, it delays how fast the light changes causing traffic to build up!

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