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What Is 'Casual Instagram' And Why Are You Seeing It Everywhere?

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Are you wondering what is going to be popular on Instagram this year? Well, look no further. And the great news here is that the Instagram trend right now is VERY easy to achieve.

In fact, this trend started naturally since the start of the pandemic... the way people post on Instagram has shifted away from perfectly posed photos to a more "every day" look at their lives. And I'm SO here for it.

This change is in part due to people being stuck inside having less to post about, but it's also a result of the TikTok trend encouraging users to "make Instagram casual again."

It always comes back to TikTok!

Now, photo dumps and blurry photos that scream "I'm not trying too hard" reign supreme. Which is clearly a huge shift from those perfectly curated Instagram posts that definitely took people a full blown photoshoot to achieve.

On the surface this trend appears to be making Instagram more real, because it seems people are less afraid to post photos and videos of what they're really up to, as well as with less make up and perfect styling, than ever before.

And you know who I actually think has the perfect balance of nice, staged photos, and perfect "casual instagram" photos?! Ryan Seacrest!

Seriously, he nails it with the food photos, the family photos, picture from his events and hosting, and everything in between. I mean, don't forget Georgia!

See?! He really nails the casual Instagram thing.

And it's making me think that we all need to think LESS about what we post, and post MORE of our real life! So if you see me posting photos that are way less staged and way more "full time working mom of three" moments, then you know why.

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