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Happy National Hot Dog Day!!

And if you didn't know that was a national day until this very moment, thennnnn kind of same. I never knew we needed a National Hot Dog Day - but there's a national day for everything, and the deals on this day are sooo good, you can't pass it up.

Here are some of the spots where you can score deals on hot dogs today:

7-Eleven: oh yes, you can get some serious deals on hot dogs at this easy stop-in spot today. The Quarter-Pound Big Bite 100% beef hot dog is available for just $1 today, but there's actually no need to RUSH there today... the deal is available through the end of July .

Dog Haus: with locations across Los Angeles and SoCal, you definitely want to keep your eyes on this deal! You can get a FREE dog with an in-store app scan, or by ordering online for pick up or delivery through the Dog Haus app.

Weinerschnitzel: you can get a chili dog for only $5 all day today! (If you want to add cheese, that will be extra, sorry).

Sonic: if you happen to live near a Sonic, they're offering $1 hot dogs all day.

FYI, some fun hot dog facts for you in honor of this National Hot Dog Day...

During a typical summer, Americans will consume a total of 7 BILLION hot dogs.

75% of Americans prefer their hot dogs straight off the grill, followed by over a campfire (9%), boiling (6%), steaming (3 %), frying in a pan (2%), or microwaving (2%).

The most popular toppings for hot dogs are: mustard at 68%, followed by ketchup (61%), onions (44 %), relish (41 %), chili (30 %), cheese (29%), sauerkraut (20%), mayo (19%), bacon (14%), jalapenos (13%), and coleslaw (12%). 

And more hot dogs are eaten in Los Angeles than anywhere else in the country, beating out its old rival New York City which now comes in second.

So there you have it - hope you enjoy a hot dog today, everyone!!

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