It Looks Like We Will Need A Third Dose Of The COVID Vaccine



Over the weekend it was reported that about 50% of Americans had gotten at least the FIRST of their COVID vaccine shots, which means a lot of people are either getting their second soon or already got their second and are curious as to what comes next.

Obviously we know that if you are getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, they each take two doses of the shot - while the Johnson & Johnson, which is currently paused, only takes one - but what we don't know just yet is when we will need to get the vaccine "renewed" or how we keep immunity going forward.

But now both Pfizer and Moderna have info about what vaccine booster doses could look like.

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, which currently requires two doses and is said to be over 90% effective against the virus, will likely include a third shot made available later this year. Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine also requires two doses and is over 90% effective, and it was also announced that a third dose would likely be needed within 12 months.

The news from Moderna says the booster shot will likely be open to the public in the fall to provide additional immunity against COVID-19 variants that have spread from other countries, including Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

So here's the thing! I got my second dose of Moderna on Friday and I was OUT for 30+ hours! It felt like I had a bad flu for over a day - so I'm curious how we will all feel after the third dose. Hopefully our bodies will be more used to the vaccine and the reaction won't be as bad!

What is also cool, though: Eventually, Moderna hopes to create a two-in-one vaccine that protects against both the seasonal flu and COVID so you only have to get one boost at CVS.

If you've gotten your vaccine yet, how did you feel after the second shot?! All I can say is, be prepared to need to rest the following day!

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