Think Twice Before Laminating Your COVID Vaccine Card

Covid-19 Trial Vaccine

Covid-19 Trial Vaccine

So, you got both of your vaccine shots... now what?

We know for sure that holding onto that vaccine card you were given that verifies both of your shots is really important. But a lot of people have started wondering if we should be laminating these cards in order to keep them safe.

A standardized vaccination proof system is currently being developed, but until then, we need to hang onto those cards. And while there are some companies offering to laminate your cards for free, this is apparently not highly recommended.

It's important to consider a couple things before you jump in and laminate the card, suggested by CNN:

Double check your information. If you are getting one of the two-dose vaccines, DEFINITELY do not laminate the card before you get the second dose. If you get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, then after the single shot you are done.

But also make sure your name, date of birth, and other personal information are accurate before you do anything else to that proof card.

Some doctors are suggesting you have a back up of your card - as in taking a photo of it after each dose - before you do anything to the card. Keep the photo in your phone and even email yourself a copy of the photo juuuust in case. It is also suggested that you photocopy the card and placing it with other important paperwork.

AFTER you do all of these things, you are free to laminate the card, but be careful about the possible damage that could happen to the card. Some people who have laminated the card are reporting that the stickers placed on the card - with necessary vaccine information - were thermal sensitive and turned dark after being laminated, according to The Points Guy.

Since we don't know exactly how we will need to use these cards in the future (shown to get into events or to travel maybe?!) I think I will keep mine UN-laminated for the time being. I just wouldn't want to mess around with the card if it is eventually going to be what helps me get back to doing things we all love like traveling, going to concerts, etc.

Of course, it is expected that soon we will have a digital app where our vaccine information is stored in order for easy access. Let's hope that comes sooner rather than later!

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