Goodbye Casual Hook Ups, Hello 'Commitment Culture'



There will always be that playful teasing rivalry between generations - I mean, we ALL scoffed at Gen Z when they told us we could no longer part our hair on the side or wear our skinny jeans! But while we may be laughing at their new rules for what we can and cannot wear (unless we want to be considered "old") I think there is one thing that they're getting right!

A big dating trend is Gen Z'ers is commitment culture.

This means gone are the days of a LOT of casual hook ups, and IN are the days of long-term relationships, even when you're young.

For many millennials, the years leading into, during, and just after college were defined by high-low skirts and hookup culture. I'm the first to admit that!

But for Gen Z, things look a bit different. Studies show the rate of the casual hookup has gone down. In 2017 just 30% of graduating college seniors said they never “hooked up” or participated in casual sex during college. Now in 2021... Gen Z-ers, are entering what was once known as prime hookup time and the casual hookup is obsolete!

Seriously!!! Parents of these kids should be thrilled by this news!

What's funny about this new trend is that it seems to be driven by social media... as many things are these days. Bustle reported that these younger adults view long-term relationships - that can be flaunted on social media - as more desirable because they show that someone "wants" you, and you're taken.

As a parent, nothing makes me happier than a younger generation wanting to be more serious and hook up less. I’ll be dealing with teenage hormones in a little over 10 years... I’d be a happy mama if my kids had long steady relationships instead of many hookups!

What do you think of the new trend?!

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