'Bridgerton' Inspired Weddings Are Becoming The New 2021 Trend

Bride and Groom Saying Vows during Wedding Ceremony Outdoors

Bride and Groom Saying Vows during Wedding Ceremony Outdoors

Weddings trends come and go - remember when EVERYONE had donut cakes at their weddings? - and this latest one is inspired by a veryyy popular Netflix show that I'm sure you've watched, been told to watch, or have at least heard a thing or two about.

That's right: people are planning on having Bridgerton-inspired weddings over the next year.

The NY Post shared how couples are now "asking planners and vendors to re-create the look and feel of an early 19th century British ball." And wedding dresses are trending more toward the style of the gowns worn in the show - with a modern take on them, anyway.

Of course, incorporating Bridgerton into your wedding experience is not as obvious as, say, a Star Wars themed wedding. Because the show has such a romantic plot line and setting, it can be easy to do things like flowers, colors, and music selection based off the show - I mean, an orchestra version of "Wildest Dreams" and "thank u, next" would be incredible.

As for couples who have yet to select their venue, two options are a garden setting or an extravagant ballroom. If you want to REALLY nail the venue selection, going for an outdoor ceremony in a lush garden and then moving indoors for the reception in a ballroom will check all the boxes.

Of course if brides are looking for a dress that matches the style of Bridgerton - while you may want to look just like Daphne on your wedding day (and who wouldn't) make sure your dress doesn't look too much like a historical costume.

Or do! If that's the goal you're going for!

Overall with your wedding, just do what you want to do and have fun with it. I look back on my wedding photos and LOVE everything we did. It was such a special day, who cares what anyone else advises you to do.

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