These Are New Dating Phrases That Have Come From The Pandemic

I do not envy people who are trying to date during this pandemic... at all.

If you needed proof that dating is even more complicated now than ever before, let me introduce you to some of the new dating phrases that have become a reality due to dating during a quarantine and a pandemic.

You may have already heard of "zumping," which is the act of getting dumped over a Zoom call. Basically if you have been dating someone and end up breaking up over video chat, specifically Zoom, then you were zumped or you zumped someone else.

Then there's "lockblocked." Lockblocking is what happens when you have to cancel or reschedule a date if lockdown rules and restrictions change, and therefore ruin your plans for a date. So if you had plans for a cute outdoor dining date right before those rules changed months ago, and then had to cancel or postpone it when things shut down, then you were lockblocked. Of course there was always the option to turn that date into an outdoor date at a park or other public outdoor space, but for a lot of people, that didn't happen.

There also is "corona-zoned" which refers to a physical relationship getting put on hold because one or both people don’t want to catch or spread the virus, BUT with the couple opting to keep the relationship socially distanced. AKA, you're still seeing and dating each other without any sort of physical contact.

Have any of these things happened to you?! If you're dating right now, good luck and bravo. I support you! And hopefully soon with more vaccines, dating will get back to *somewhat* normal (although for some of us, even dating apps seem waaaay too complicated.)

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