'Cinderella' Starring Brandy and Whitney Houston Is Coming To Disney+

If you were a kid in the '90s or early 2000's, you probably have seen the Cinderella starring Brandy and the late Whitney Houston, right?

If you have seen it before, you may have been wondering where it was and why it wasn't on Disney's streaming service, Disney+ yet - I sure have been! But the GREAT news is finally here: that version of Cinderella will be coming to Disney+ THIS MONTH!


Okay, so here's the break down:

You can watch the film, which was released in 1997, on Disney+ starting next Friday, February 12th! This live-action musical was full of starts, including Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander, Bernadette Peters, Victor Garber, Paolo Montalbán, Veanne Cox and the late Natalie Desselle-Reid, who passed away in December.

Honestly, if you've never seen this movie before, I'm jealous that you get to experience it for the first time all over again! Yes, it's THAT good.

The announcement was also incredible, with Brandy and Whoopi reuniting on 'The View' yesterday to make the big announcement - and they even sang 'Impossible' from the movie.

"It's pretty remarkable that people have been begging for 'Cinderella' to be re-released for almost 24 years. What do you think? Is it possible?" asked Whoopi. Brandy responded, "It's definitely possible."

It's hard to believe that the movie is 24 years old, I definitely remember watching it and singing all of the songs in my living room when I was younger. It's also important that this version of the movie be available on streaming because we know how much representation matters - and every kid should have a chance to see princes and princesses who look like them.

The movie was incredibly well-received 24 years ago, and I imagine it will be once it hits streaming again. It really doesn't get better than the songs from that film - "Impossible," "In My Own Little Corner," "Ten Minutes Ago" and "A Lovely Night," they're so good!

I can't wait to show my kids this version of Cinderella! Might have to have a watch party next weekend after it comes out on the 12th!

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