YES! Brazil's Women's National Soccer Team Achieves Pay Equality



It's no secret that professional female athletes are generally not paid the same as their male counterparts. We see it a lot here in the U.S., especially over the last couple of years with our Women's National Soccer Team who have been vocal about their fight for pay equality.

But today we can celebrate a major win in Brazil: their Women's National Soccer Team has officially achieved equal pay!

The announcement was made earlier this week during a press conference held by Rogério Caboclo, president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

In the press conference, it was explained that pay equity would grant every Brazilian national team player — male or female — with the same daily rates and prize money. This is a huge step toward pay equality for women in sports. Obviously this is a HUGE success in Brazil, but it also sets an example for other countries to follow suit.

In fact, in Brazil, the policy has actually been in place since March, but had not been publicly disclosed until this week. Caboclo explained, "what they receive by daily call, women also receive. What they will gain by conquering or by staging the Olympics next year will be the same as the men will have... What men will receive at the next World Cup will be proportionally equal to what is proposed by FIFA."

Currently in the United States, the USWNT has been fighting for their own equality - and knowing how successful they have been on the field, I'd like to see them be just as successful off!

Currently, women n the USWNT are only making 38% of what their male counterparts are making. The women earn a maximum of $99,000 (or $4,950 per game), while male players would earn an average of $263,320 (or $13,166 per game.)

Here's hoping that this public announcement from Brazil will encourage other countries to step up their game and make sure that their female athletes are being paid the same as male athletes!

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